Woes deepen as factories falter

Today’s Globe and Mail has an article called “Woes deepen as factories falter”.

The authors attribute the global slowdown in manufacturing to “the recession in Western Europe amid a spreading debt crisis and the stumbling recovery in the United States.”

This is primitive thinking and ignores the intricate and systemic nature of commerce in today’s complex world.

It also ignores one of the fundamental rules of nature – that of cycles.

Once, when I was bemoaning the scarcity of opportunities in my “pipeline”, a older and wiser consultant suggested that I should look back in my calendar, to see what things were like at this time last year.

On looking back several years, I noticed that there was, indeed, a cyclical nature to my work.

The challenge is to predict what the cycles of our particular industry are, and then to plan for them.

Not easy.

But, manufacturing will be cyclical.

It’s a law of nature.

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